graduate student
(September 2017 – Present)

Elaine Cheng is originally from Hong Kong and she is doing her Master of Science in Food Science at UBC (Vancouver). She got her B.Sc (2017) in Food, Nutrition and Health (Food Science Major) from UBC. She is co-supervised by Dr. Vivien Measday and Dr. Simone Castellarin.

Her research focuses on profiling the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast population along with the anthocyanins and tannins content in wine grapes from the Okanagan Valley. By comparing differences in wine grapes from various parts of the Valley (i.e. Oliver-Osoyoos, Kelowna, Penticton-Naramata), the ultimate goal is to determine the exclusivity of the microbial and chemical content for this particular area and support the existence of terroir. This piece of information will help to increase the wine uniqueness and value in the global wine market and consequently benefit the local economy.