Research Assistant
Current Member
(January 2016 – Present)

In January 2016 I joined the Castellarin lab on a volunteer basis during my gap year, after completing a B.Sc. in Natural Resource Conservation at UBC. My role was initially to assist in organizing the greenhouse plant samples and process berry samples. Gradually, my work experience expanded to include maintaining the lab safety records and inventory, analyzing bound and free volatile extractions from GC/MS data, field work, and mentoring summer exchange students.

I currently work as a research assistant on a part time basis, and primarily focus on processing grape samples and conducting terpene analysis for a research project that is investigating the effects of varying cluster retention and water stress on berry aroma in the Gewurztraminer variety. Recently I have also been given the honorary title of Lab BBQ Coordinator!

Although my background is not in molecular biology, I have been able to learn so much in the areas of viticulture, quantitative analysis, sampling design and plant physiology thanks to the dedication and patience of everyone at this lab.